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The Function of Computer in Education Sector

Computer is an electronic device is complex and has many advantages. Computers found to be suitable to be used as a tool for helping teachers in the teaching process learning kerana-capable computer to receive and process data. Giesert and Futrell (1990) asserted that a person bahawa teachers who use computers in teaching the learning should be categorized as having the talent and skill enhancement. Teaching materials provided with the latest learning aids will be added interest in the field of the lesson students learn something.
In addition, if the computer can used in a systematic and impressive by the teacher he would be able to resolve any problems learning teaching. This is in line with pendangan Heinich (1993) who said bahawa computers can enrich teaching techniques. Computers are complementary to the delivery of teaching that impressed. Sandholtz (1997) have voiced bahawa teaching technology use may facilitate learning.

Accordingly, the kingdom or the Ministry of Education held a course specifically sentiasa foster the introduction of computers and computer materials for assisting teachers and teacher trainers in perkhidmatan. By then, a computer education program for training teachers rather than learning about computers is simple but also learning computer assisting.

Use of Computers In Teaching Learning
Hilary Mc Lellan (1991) asserted bahawa computers can help teachers implement teaching aktiviti darjah learning in the booth. He was pressed about the interests of a person having knowledge of teachers were at least in principle in controlling perkakasan ratings and perisian computer before they can produce a memorable teaching kaedah darjah the booth.
Diana Laurillard (1992) states bahawa berasaskan computer learning can enhance understanding of theoretical concepts. He believes bahawa kaedah simulation and computer-assisted learning can enhance the understanding stage with ease.
Heinich (1993) states-capable computers to oversee and manage a lot of teaching materials. Computer capabilities allow users to interact with teachers implement instructional teaching easier and interesting. This opinion is supported by Sandholtz (1997) which states bahawa technology use in schools may facilitate the teaching learning. So it can be said to have excess computer bahawa be an appropriate medium and impressive in the context of teaching learning in education.

Computer function in education today is very important. Computers can be used for teaching purposes, such as laptops are used lecturers / teachers to deliver class materials. Even now there are schools that require every student to bring a laptop in lieu of the existing notebooks. For practical purposes, the computer is also very necessary. Internet programs for schools that are being carried out the government will also further increase the intensity of the use of computers in educational institutions. Students and students currently working on the task also uses the computer, unlike 10 years ago which still uses a typewriter to work on school work / college. To conduct the study, the computers can be used to process data more quickly and accurately.

The conclusion is that the computer was created as a tool that provides convenience for people. Ease in all aspects of human life. Computers are made to pamper people. Currently, for those who do not want to recognize your computer, or not familiar with computers, both for its use and its benefits, like living in stone age. Actually there are many more functions and usefulness of computers for our lives, but the most numerous and the main is as I mentioned above.


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